How did you thank yours?

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So term is finished…. I could cry now just thinking about the fact that my first baby is finished with her nursery education and that she off to ‘big school’ in September. Some things are unthinkable for the next day or so but one thing that has been necessary is to find a way to say a big enormous heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful team of ladies at SilverStar Nursery in St Mary who have truly become part of our lives over the last two years.

How do you thank people who have become so very important to your children?  It is pretty impossible to think of any one thing that would say thank you for their hard work; indeed you hear stories of yummy mummies buying their teachers expensive spa treatments, handbags and all sorts of delights in a bid to delight their kids educators.  I read an article last week about schools who have now started to ban parents from giving their teachers gifts as it was all getting so out of hand – will the competitive mummy never know when to stop!?

SO, what is the best thing to do? In my mind, something from the heart and something useful are probably the best way to go…For anyone who has read my past blogs here 

You will know that I am a bit of a budding Kirstie Allsopp. I delight in the fact that I recently purchased glue gun and love the challenge of a random character cake to create for a birthday and occasions such as the end of term are a great excuse to come up with an unusual but nice (and easy to make!) gift for someone.

If you have read my blog, you will also know that I LOVE Pinterest – an epic online collection point for, well, pretty much everything, but especially lovely craft ideas = heaven! You can see my pinterest board here…

SO, trying to keep my budget low and the craft level pretty low too (I said I was a budding kirstie Allsopp nowhere near as good as her!) and having wasted a good few hours internet browsing, dreaming of many rather Americanized ideas for Beas gorgeous teachers, I decided to keep it simple, and useful. I am sure every teacher loves some lovely smellies or something yummy to eat but maybe something different every now and then is nice too?

I happened to be visiting the Lavender Farm last week and picked up some lovely and unusual types of lavender plant (for a little more than £2 each, not bad) So having also picked up some pots at the garden centre today, I made these:

Do you like? I am quite chuffed with them actually. I already had the chalk board paint (B&Q) and hopefully the teachers will be able to re-pot the plants and re use their little pots for another plant next year….. 

Pinterest has a whole raft of ‘printables’ – lots of lovely pre-designed signed / gift labels etc that you can personalise – i think it really gives a lovely finish to this little pressie.

They all keep little note books in their aprons to write snippets down about the children for their learning journey books so I also picked up these little books and popped a pic of Bea on the front – hopefully useful and a bit of fun too.

All popped into a little gift bag and fingers crossed a little bit of the love we feel for them showed in the gift we had made! 

What did you make yours?

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Post Author: Sarah Thorogood

1 thought on “How did you thank yours?

    Jo N

    (September 18, 2012 - 11:15 am)

    Love the pots – this is a great idea! Over the years we have made hama bead coasters, felt decorated tins as pen holders and this year (ending year 3) we did (I say we, the idea was mine, the execution his) an acrostic of his teacher’s name to describe some of his favourite things from year 3. He did some relevant drawings around it and we laminated it. At christmas we usually make mini christmas cakes which seem to go down well 🙂

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