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What do you do with all your kids art? I used to have it sprawled all over y kitchen cupboards, on every space of dresser shelf etc and now that Bea has started school AND Freya and I are producing the odd masterpiece at home, i found it was all getting too much and something had to be done about it!

I have heard that there is an app for kids art – not personal enough

I have a huge box of part works and have framed others in our hall way – i LOVE the idea of these frames from GLTC where you can replace the art sporadically (great for grannies house too i think) 

BUT what i love the most is my art gallery. I saw this and this on Pinterest and thought i would make our own ad it turne d out to be so super easy! 

quick trip to B&Q for two bits of wood, measured up and sawn into appropriate size much to the kids amusement (mummy what are you doing with daddys tools?!) 

We dont have much colour in our kitchen and i adore turquoise so simply painted the wood with a sample pot of dulux wall paint. To add to my already coastal theme, i thought i would distress the wood and make it a bit more like driftwood. I have never tried this before and well, it really is REALLY easy. Simply take some very coarse sandpaper and scrape and scratch the paint off in places!

it looks good if you make sure you take quite a bit off at the corners and in patches too.

I had these cute little pegs left over from my wedding 6 years ago and have never quite known what to do with them – hey presto – perfect pegs to hang the art work up with! 

I cheated and bought a sticker with these people – in hindsight i wish i had saved the cash and tried it myself! 

I LOVE having all the kids art in one place and the kids LOVE seeing their art in such a special place in our house – i think there is a certain part of them that also hopes its ‘good enough’ to go up – now obviously i would put anything they have done up there, but i like their ambition! 

I can imagine how our gallery will change as the years go by and the art changes and i cant wait for it to house more of my girls masterpieces.

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