How to throw a Peppa Pig Party

So, believe it or not, my little baby turned two this week. To say that your second childs life whizzes past you at supersonic speed is an understatement. It feels like only yesterday that I was trying to juggle a new baby with having a 2.5yr old starting nursery and now, just as my big […]

Take one box and…..

Do you struggle to throw away a cereal box? Can you rarely put a plastic bottle in your recycling bin? Do you always say yes to taking your shoe boxes home or heaven forbid……have you ever thrown a button or cotton reel away? If not; you too share my biggest problem – i think officially, […]

The Last Minute Mummy

Sometimes i am super organised, a lot of the time i’m not! Sometimes you need to just rustle up a quick game to keep someone entertained for five minutes or magic a craft out of thin air to keep some visiting friends from trashing your house. I find i have quite a few last minute moments […]

Kids can LOVE spinach (no i haven’t gone mad!)

WHAT? Yes you read right, kids can LOVE SPINACH!  How ridiculous I hear you cry…. Its a bit of a mission sometimes for us parents to get veggies into our children isn’t it. Mine i have to say have always been pretty good at munching on broccoli and its friends on the veggie side of […]

I’m just not ready….Mum on the Rock

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When your baby is 4 days old, you adore them despite the fact they have been permanently attached to your aching boobs…. When your baby is 4 weeks old, you hope with all your might that they will  magically find their way into some kind of routine of sleep like all the books tell you….. […]

Summer lovin….by Mum on the Rock

At last its here! Schools out and unbelievably, so is the sun…. and in our house that is nothing but a great thing. This is what memory making is all about isn’t it?  Hot sunny days spent whiling with family and friends; planning adventures, taking bike rides on shade dappled lanes, wallowing in puddles of sun […]

We believe in fairies

As you may know if you have read any of my past blogs on Mums in Jersey; we are have a big princess fan in our house and it is something that I endure rather than enjoy really! I am just not a princes kind of girl, they are magical for sure but i am […]

How did you thank yours?

So term is finished…. I could cry now just thinking about the fact that my first baby is finished with her nursery education and that she off to ‘big school’ in September. Some things are unthinkable for the next day or so but one thing that has been necessary is to find a way to […]

When would you pause yours?

I always think that I would like to be able to press ‘pause’ on puppies and kittens…. when they are all cute and gangly, still with their baby soft fur, big paws and floppy ears and endless enthusiasm for life. They haven’t discovered how to bribe you with a simple look in their eyes to […]