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A Quick and Easy Shamrock Craft

Looking for a quick St. Patrick’s Day shamrock craft so easy that you can do it with kids from toddler to 5? If you can draw, then make a big shamrock on a paintable piece of paper. If, like me, you can barely draw stick people, go

Fantastical facepaint fun

So, Christmas is over, New Year is done and dusted and we are well on our way to February…. oh and its pretty much done nothing but rain here in Jersey since Christmas and its Ffffffreezing cold so playing outside just isn’t all that much fun for

Keeping Kids Creations – craft keeping solutions for busy homes

Happy New Year everyone – I hope you had fun and that you and your children were spoilt rotten and you have come out the other side feeling somewhat more relaxed than you were before?! We had a lovely chaotic time – moving into my parents for