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The Aim of “Crafting” At Our House

This article has been shared through our submissions page, where you can share your own features too. From Moments a Day: Have you ever been browsing Pinterest kid crafts and thought, “Wow these are some awesome ideas and I bet my kids would have a lot of fun doing

Free May Kids’ Activities Calendar!

Last month’s free activity calendar was really well received, so I’ve made a free May kids’ activities calendar for you to download. On the assumption that we’re all outside more now, I’ve given you more outdoor activities and a few less crafts this month, plus some rainy

Le Knitting or knotting (Easy French Knitting for kids and mums!)

Just a little post from us this week as we are in the middle of Easter school break and we have daddy off for a week of it so are FAR TO BUSY HAVING FUN! We are also at the beginning of the journey of the house

Make a simple origami tulip!

I saw these beautiful origami tulips on a while back and they are so pretty and easy to do that I want to show you here how to make them with your children. You’ll need: -a flower-coloured square of paper -a green square of paper for

Free April Kids’ Activity Calendar!

Since today is so close to the end of March, I’m trying something a little different for today’s post.  I’ve made a free activity calendar for you to download for April, with loads of ideas for stories and activities that you can click on directly to get

Easter Holiday Survival list

Where is this year going?! For me, it seems as though it is travelling at supersonic speed and scarily, the end of the Spring term means that Bea also only has one term left of her first year of school. WOW! SO – we are still putting

Paper egg ornaments for Easter

This craft has been around since I was a kid, and comes out for almost every holiday in different forms. However, it’s a classic for a reason, so today I’d like to show you how to make this fun paper ornament craft that we did for Easter.

5 Fast craft ideas

Having been in the grips of a big snowstorm here in Jersey – the biggest storm in 30 years! We have are going into our third day of closed schools and I am feeling rather frazzled having had two girls pretty much housebound for the whole time!

10 ways to SPRING into SPRINGTIME!

Finally for those of us here in the UK the temperatures seem to be increasing and Jack Frost is packing his bags and leaving us to get excited and to start enjoying my favourite season SPRING! Yippee!  I love the fact it is lighter in the evenings,

A Quick and Easy Shamrock Craft

Looking for a quick St. Patrick’s Day shamrock craft so easy that you can do it with kids from toddler to 5? If you can draw, then make a big shamrock on a paintable piece of paper. If, like me, you can barely draw stick people, go