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Turn Walks into Adventures!

For very young children their home is the world – their neighborhood the universe. So while mom enjoys a nice walk down the street, children are exploring outer-space! Since a walk is already a great adventure, the activities listed below are just the icing on the cake.

Edible “water” beads sensory play

This article has been shared through our submissions page, where you can share your own features too. From Blog Me Mom: Do your kids like to play with water beads? We love it and we played with a water bead look-alike that is SAFE and edible! Click

Free June Kids’ Activity Calendar!

Here’s June’s free kids’ activity calendar for you to download. It’s in Word so that you can save to your desktop and click through to the links whenever you want. Enjoy!

Ideas for Outside Play in Winter | Football Competition

Christmas is such a wonderful time for being together in the home as a family, discovering crafts and baking with your children, and of course playing with new gadgets and toys! But children still need exercise and fresh air to get rid of all that crazy energy

8 ideas for simple play

Keep it Simple Stupid…Now, please don’t turn the screen off, I am not calling you stupid! I guess this post has come around from my looking at how I play with my kids and how I have had to have a word with myself and remember that

10 reasons we LOVE babies

I once swore to a friend that i would never have a plastic baby in my house. I hated them, never played with them myself as a child and never wanted my children to have them either – too many thoughts being conjured up of broken babies

5 Favourite Blogs for Purposeful Play

Over at Creative Playhouse Ive been thinking a lot about purposeful play and have started a 5 days of Play pin board to help plan some activities for Jake and I to do together. So, this week I wanted to share 5 of my favourite blogs that generally