Love – Life Balance

There are so many things you have to think about when you’re a Parent. Here are the basics….keep our kids fed, clean, and LOVED.  Simple right? Wrong! But what about all those other things.  Keep them entertained, Keep them happy, Educate them – not just the 1 + 1 = 2 type thing, but also […]

Vive les Vacances!

The old saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ really does contain some truth.  My daughters have just spent a week in France with their dad, and his French family.  Their taste buds have been challenged – some good, some bad!  Their French Grandma, Mamie, lets them have fresh baguette sprinkled with Nesquik […]

Kids can LOVE spinach (no i haven’t gone mad!)

WHAT? Yes you read right, kids can LOVE SPINACH!  How ridiculous I hear you cry…. Its a bit of a mission sometimes for us parents to get veggies into our children isn’t it. Mine i have to say have always been pretty good at munching on broccoli and its friends on the veggie side of […]

Poop and other cute things

So, life goes on on the surface, despite how you’re feeling about things on the inside . My life is no exception.  I very often have my down moments, being that I live with two people who suffer depression.  It’s hard not to catch it at times, especially when I know there are things going […]

Summer lovin….by Mum on the Rock

At last its here! Schools out and unbelievably, so is the sun…. and in our house that is nothing but a great thing. This is what memory making is all about isn’t it?  Hot sunny days spent whiling with family and friends; planning adventures, taking bike rides on shade dappled lanes, wallowing in puddles of sun […]

Music to my Ears

Please save my pounding head! When we arrived in Jersey just over 18 months ago, my little Relaxy was just over 3 years old.  It was very apparent then, that he was very much into music (I actually think it started in-utero).  To my delight MY kind of music!  While we were still living in […]

Fresh and Exciting!

It’s the summer school holidays!  I expect you’d think this would be one of the hardest times of the year to start a healthy eating regimen and try to lose weight.  With the children under your feet 24/7 plus holiday food, restaurants and chilled white wine on a balmy summer’s evening, it can be a […]