How to feed your kids well: A survival guide for dads

Single dad?  Stay-at-home-dad?  Granddad?  Mum-works-long-shifts-dad?  Step-dad? Whatever kind of daddy you are, one thing is true:  You want the best for your kids.  If you’re a mummy reading this, please pass it on to a daddy you feel needs a little inspiration.It’s a sad fact that many dads don’t see their kids much, not just […]

Take the one week no-shop challenge!

Happy New Year and welcome if you’re a new reader to Mummyology! Today’s blog will inspire you to cook from scratch, using up the dry ingredients in your cupboards and odd bits of leftovers to give you a week of healthy eating for very little money.   The bonus – you’ll probably lose weight too! […]

The Last Minute Mummy

Sometimes i am super organised, a lot of the time i’m not! Sometimes you need to just rustle up a quick game to keep someone entertained for five minutes or magic a craft out of thin air to keep some visiting friends from trashing your house. I find i have quite a few last minute moments […]