Eat Well for Less – Top 10 Tips!

Helping you to eat well for less money! Whatever our situation, one thing is true:  we all want more spare cash at the end of every month!  Most of us want to feel healthier, more energetic and frequently want (or need) to lose a little weight.  In the current financial climate around the world everyone […]

Lovely Lunchboxes

My approach to health and well-being is based on Optimum Nutrition.  This means including as many nutrients as possible every day to ensure the best possible levels of energy, immune system function, digestion, emotional well-being and glowing vitality.  To put it simply, it is swapping foods that are low in nutritional value for those that […]

The Messy Berry:

 5 reasons Blackberries are good for the soul…  September is upon us and that means one thing (apart from the return to school) – it’s Blackberry season! It’s official, Blackberries make us feel good!  Transport yourself back to your childhood when your parents took you out to the countryside, armed with a big plastic bowl […]