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Is your summer salad making you fat?

New year’s resolutions a distant memory; another failure chalked up on your board of self depreciation? Side stepping bike riding or taking country walks, preferring to stay indoors snuggled in winter clothes using the unseasonally damp, cold late spring weather as an excuse? “I’ll start once the

Summer Smoothies

This summer, in the UK, we’ve been blessed with some beautiful warm and sunny weather, perfect for barbecues and al fresco dining. When we feel too hot and sticky we often don’t want to eat much yet feel the need for something other than water to rehydrate.

Sunshine on a Plate

‘The woman who puts sunshine on a plate’, is the complementary, and utterly deserved, title given to 2012 MasterChef winner Shelina Permalloo in this month’s (August) edition of Red magazine. Evoking sunshine from a dish draws us closer to pleasurable memories; of warmth, long summers, holidays and

Post natal depression: a little account by me.

During my pregnancy, if there was one thing I was sure of, it was the absolute concrete fact that I would be completely immune to post natal depression. Although we hadn’t conscientiously planned to make human life, and the discovery thereof was a massive shock, all throughout

Five Steps to Feel Fantastic by Friday!

Hello Ladies,  Today’s post is short and sweet and has one goal in mind:  to have you feeling slimmer, lighter, happier, healthier and more positive by Friday!Many of us don’t thrive on long-term goals.  Lose two stone by February?  Yawn!!  Lose 2-4 pounds by Friday?  Yes please!!Step

What to do when you’ve had no sleep!

I think that among parents of young kids, if sleep were currency, we’d all be utterly poor. We’d be living rough, surrounded by our brood, hands held out in a bowl shape begging young, childless teenagers for 20 minutes of their sleep-stash. We count our sleep as

5 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

If you are a parent you undoubtedly will have had days where you feel like your ears might bleed, head may explode, eyes are going to fall out… when you’re so tired from another sleepless night, so exasperated with tantrums, so frustrated with teething troubles, just so……….