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Getting Pregnant; How to strip your husband of all his confidence

Towards the end of last year, I started to wonder how relevant I’d become on this blog. Having written a post about sticking with one child, and deciding emphatically that ours was a one child family, it occurred to me that I might soon run out of

Parenting by the book part two: controlled crying

Controlled crying featured heavily in another book I bought when Sonny was a little baby. It was something that I was desperate to try; not because I was desperate for order and structure and routine and normality, but because I was getting a bit disheartened by the

By the book- part one

I remember buying a fabulous book when Sonny was ready to be weaned. It was  a lovely, colourful book of simple, basic puree recipes . The photographs in the book suggested that if I made these purees, my son would develop into a beaming picture of heath

Two into three don’t go: Is it ‘cruel’ to have only one child?

Everyday I have various arguments with myself in my head. They are frequent, and often nasty in tone; ‘Get out of bed now! It’s going to take days to sort out that hair! More make up! WAY more make up!’ Often they are sarcastic as well as

Post natal depression: a little account by me.

During my pregnancy, if there was one thing I was sure of, it was the absolute concrete fact that I would be completely immune to post natal depression. Although we hadn’t conscientiously planned to make human life, and the discovery thereof was a massive shock, all throughout

How to live with your husband for the rest of your life PART TWO

Isn’t it wonderful when you look at the person that you live with, and think, God. Of all the lunatics I’ve been with in the past, all the mistakes, all the glaringly unsuitable suitors, I think, finally, I’ve managed to hang onto someone long enough to get

How to live with your husband for the rest of your life part one.

I got married last year, and have been looking through some of my old blog posts from around that time. I came across the below, which I’ll post now as a retrospective trip down memory lane, and then next week I’ll think of some more ways in

How to make a baby part two.

Last time we spoke, I suggested the trials of labour and how I imagine alien births to be. Standard musings; I think I was about one small measure of red wine down when I wrote it and anyway, who doesn’t consider the physics of alien birth from

Regression Revolution

I’ve mentioned before that I’m scared of the world and where it’s going. I wonder sometimes, although admittedly more for conversational dramatic effect than genuine concern, if by the time Sonny has grown up all communication will be via text messaging or similar, and we will re-evolve

How to make a baby – part one

Being a parent is an absolutely amazing thing. It’s simultaneously wonderful and terrifying, energizing and exhausting, and in my own personal experience has made me generally a better, calmer and all-round nicer person. Giving birth to your own baby is also amazing and terrifying. Because it’s so