Two’s my perfect number, whats yours?

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At last… I think I have decided…. Whats the big decision, is it a paint colour for my soon to be painted kitchen? No. Is it what I want for dinner tonight? No… its THE decision of the moment…. I don’t think I want to have any more babies…. I am sure that will leave […]

Awesome Autumn

So, this time last year, I still had a stash of buckets and spades in the boot of my car and suncream in my handbag but well… not this year! Autumn has arrived and it has felt pretty chilly as I hustle the girls into the car on the way to school for the last […]

My top 10 apps for kids

I hate the thought of my children being addicted to computer games, turning into those grunting types who have evolved bigger thumbs because they spend so long attached to their playstationDS or whatever its called…BUT I LOVE the thought of my kids growing up IT savvy and being able use and enjoy the latest technology […]

Have a go at HypnoBirthing?

Hypnobirthing worked for me…. and it might for you! SO – once you have overcome the shock / excitement / extreme panic or all of the above that you are pregnant, it won’t take long for you to start pondering the fact that you are, at some point in the near future, going to have […]

How to throw a Peppa Pig Party

So, believe it or not, my little baby turned two this week. To say that your second childs life whizzes past you at supersonic speed is an understatement. It feels like only yesterday that I was trying to juggle a new baby with having a 2.5yr old starting nursery and now, just as my big […]