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mothering with heArt

Last week I was here talking about the importance of having friends when you are a parent… this week I want to share something else that is so important to me, but that can also so easily be lost along the way of motherhood… Creativity. I am

Why Having Mum Friends is So Important – with #cbias

Right before I fell pregnant with Jake I had just finished my masters degree, had 3 jobs and lived in a busy town, surrounded by people - adults - all ...

Season’s Eatings Giveaway

I am starting this wonderful online family cooking course on the 1st Feb and I am so excited to be able to offer this giveaway to all Mummyology readers! We have a special 20% discount off the cost,  AND we are giving away a FREE place on

Parenting Resolutions

I don’t really do new year’s eve or new year’s resolutions, but as we had been away over Christmas, I can’t deny that it has felt like a really good time to make a fresh start… My own new years resolutions were simple: get my driving license start

The Abundant Mama Project

Awesomely Awake is one of my go to blogs when Ive had a difficult day at home or with a crying baby or a frustrated toddler, or when Im feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in the world of a stay at home mum… it is full of inspiring and

5 Favourite Blogs for Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting is a term that has come to be very important to me. We try to be positive parents, and raise positive kids! 🙂 I have found Positive Parenting strategies very useful during challenging situations Generally it sits right with me, and helps me be the

4 Reasons to Love Baby Wearing

Its International Baby Wearing Week!Ive joined up with some other fantastic bloggers to do this ‘I love Baby Wearing Blog Hop’. You can hop among our blogs and read lots of lovely posts on why we all enjoy wearing our babies and toddlers. I started wearing Jake


No post from me today because Im busy organising this:  wish me luck and see you next week!

5 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

If you are a parent you undoubtedly will have had days where you feel like your ears might bleed, head may explode, eyes are going to fall out… when you’re so tired from another sleepless night, so exasperated with tantrums, so frustrated with teething troubles, just so……….

20 Fun and Simple Snack Ideas

This post is sponsored by Mu Cheese. I received compensation for this post, however I only recommend products that I personally believe in and think my readers will appreciate. All views and words are my own.    Here is a selection of ideas for 20 fun and