mothering with heArt

Last week I was here talking about the importance of having friends when you are a parent… this week I want to share something else that is so important to me, but that can also so easily be lost along the way of motherhood… Creativity. I am a creative person, my studies to post grad […]

Be a better Mom

Parenting Resolutions

I don’t really do new year’s eve or new year’s resolutions, but as we had been away over Christmas, I can’t deny that it has felt like a really good time to make a fresh start… My own new years resolutions were simple: get my driving license start a new journal and keep writing in it […]

The Abundant Mama Project

Awesomely Awake is one of my go to blogs when Ive had a difficult day at home or with a crying baby or a frustrated toddler, or when Im feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in the world of a stay at home mum… it is full of inspiring and supportive posts on parenting with intent, loving life […]