How to feed your kids well: A survival guide for dads

Single dad?  Stay-at-home-dad?  Granddad?  Mum-works-long-shifts-dad?  Step-dad? Whatever kind of daddy you are, one thing is true:  You want the best for your kids.  If you’re a mummy reading this, please pass it on to a daddy you feel needs a little inspiration.It’s a sad fact that many dads don’t see their kids much, not just […]

How to cope with morning sickness

 Today we have heard the wonderful news that William and Kate, HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child in 2013. Unfortunately, poor Kate is suffering from severe vomiting, or hyperemesis gravidarum, to name it correctly.  This is a different, and more severe, condition than regular morning sickness and frequently requires hospital treatment […]

How to have a happy family Christmas

  Stop!  Yes you, over there buying endless gifts online…and you, panicking over your homemade Christmas puddings and renaming the festive season ‘Stressmas’…Stop now!  Make a cup of tea, (chocolate cake optional), sit down and start reading.  You’ll soon regain a feeling of calm and leave with a smile on your face…. Christmas should be a […]

Christmas Pre-tox in 10 simple steps!

How to lose weight and feel fantastic BEFORE the festive season It’s that time of year when mummies around the world suddenly increase their own stress levels by trying to create a beautifully decorated house, buy perfect presents for family and children, plan drinks parties, bake their own Christmas cakes, mince pies and sausage rolls, […]

The Food Rainbow

  We are attracted to the bright, vibrant colours of vegetables and fruit.  This is because brightly coloured natural foods tend to be richer in key substances that protect against disease and illness. Eating foods from the whole spectrum of rainbow colours is vital for a healthy life. Everyone should try to eat something from each […]