Halloween Fun for Kids

Stepping sideways from my usual nutrition posts, I thought it would be fun to share some of my family’s Halloween experiences; the things my children enjoyed and remember the most.Halloween Spooky Treasure HuntA few years ago I set up a treasure hunt with clues that led from one spooky activity to another.  Thankfully, the weather […]

My favourite Food, Fitness and Feel-good Blogs

 The Internet is full of beautiful blogs decorated with buttons and bunting and websites full to bursting with video clips and guarantees to change your body.  Finding your way through the blogs to get the information you need can be time-consuming and frequently ends somewhere entirely different to where you’d hoped to go! This post will […]

Lovely Lunchboxes

My approach to health and well-being is based on Optimum Nutrition.  This means including as many nutrients as possible every day to ensure the best possible levels of energy, immune system function, digestion, emotional well-being and glowing vitality.  To put it simply, it is swapping foods that are low in nutritional value for those that […]

Find Your Post-baby Outer Beauty

Today’s blog links nutrition and beauty into one feel-good read – Enjoy! While eating healthily and exercising regularly play a major role in how we look and feel, I’ve always believed that it’s important to look after our bodies on the outside too.  Most women feel better when they’ve shaved their legs or had a […]