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Parenting by the book part two: controlled crying

Controlled crying featured heavily in another book I bought when Sonny was a little baby. It was something that I was desperate to try; not because I was desperate for order and structure and routine and normality, but because I was getting a bit disheartened by the

4 Reasons to Love Baby Wearing

Its International Baby Wearing Week!Ive joined up with some other fantastic bloggers to do this ‘I love Baby Wearing Blog Hop’. You can hop among our blogs and read lots of lovely posts on why we all enjoy wearing our babies and toddlers. I started wearing Jake

What to do when you’ve had no sleep!

I think that among parents of young kids, if sleep were currency, we’d all be utterly poor. We’d be living rough, surrounded by our brood, hands held out in a bowl shape begging young, childless teenagers for 20 minutes of their sleep-stash. We count our sleep as

Staying Sane while Travelling with Kids

I am lucky enough to have two children who are extremely well travelled.  My Relaxy Boy knows every ‘bing’ and ‘bong’ noise an aeroplane has to offer.  He knows when to put his seatbelt on, when the food is coming, how to work the In-Flight Entertainment System,

How to be a proper mother

Some mornings I wake up, often with a baby big toe wedged between my teeth, and think, I’m going to do that proper mothering today. I’m going to be creative and patient and nurturing, and do singing, and point to things in the sky and on the

10 Reasons Why Babies Don’t Sleep….

… and how you can help! There is an expectation that babies sleep a lot, 12 hours at night, 4 or 5 hours during the day, that they will start ‘sleeping through the night’ from 6 weeks old, that they can be popped in their cot and

Sentimental Sunday mush!

My boy turned 2 this month, so I wrote him this poem. I think he’d have preferred something with wheels or loud sounds- ah well Sonny, can’t win them all! Another year and here we are Two years in the life of a little star Not long

We christen thee, ‘Bob’

Sonny acquired the nicname Bob when he was about 10 days old. This was marked by the demise of our lives as we knew them, and the descent we’d made into somewhere sleep deprived and dark which we occasionally referred to as hell. I’m OK admitting this; there

Confessions: I love my kids but…

I do, I honestly love my 2 beautiful children with every aching bit of my heart, body and brain! They have given my life a new lease, a new dimension, and absolutely a new purpose. And I’m happy. (who’d of thought?). Im a devoted mother; spending my

Terrible parenting

Ed and I are going to the Gorey Fete next week and if there’s a bonny baby competition, we’ll probably not enter Sonny as he’s just had a very distressing haircut and now his head looks even wonkier. However, should there be a ‘terrible parenting’ competition, I