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Would you like to know how I start my Nutrition Consultations? One of the most important things is analysis of food diary. My clients are asked to keep an accurate food diary over 7-14 days of everything that passes their lips. All food, drinks, alcohol, sweets and snacks. It’s important to have details of portion sizes and meal timings. Many people leave far too long between meals and end up gorging at the next meal or nibbling unhealthy snacks while cooking. Other people eat far too little and spend their days fuelled by tea or coffee, often with milk and sugar, and become chronically under nourished. If you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, become pregnant, train for a competition or reduce digestive symptoms then start by keeping a food diary. You’ll be able to spot patterns and habits that you weren’t aware of or that you’d chosen to ignore! Don’t underestimate the extra ’empty’ calories in mayonnaise, dressings, chutneys, butter, and toppings such as cheese or chorizo. If you’d like a nutrition consultation or simply want answers to food related questions then please inbox me or post questions on here. 🙂

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