When would you pause yours?

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I always think that I would like to be able to press ‘pause’ on puppies and kittens…. when they are all cute and gangly, still with their baby soft fur, big paws and floppy ears and endless enthusiasm for life. They haven’t discovered how to bribe you with a simple look in their eyes to give them a treat and they won’t run off on you when you are on the beach…. pause would be a brilliant life button.

If I had a life remote control I also have to confess, I would also pause my children right now. I haven’t exactly struggled with my girls since freyas arrival 22 months ago but, it hasn’t always been easy and i have certainly not enjoyed the learning curve of splitting myself between two girls needs but something has happened….. whatever my husband and i have been doing must have worked…. and well, I totally and utterly love my children and it appears they love each other and love their little life too!

I hope writing this down isn’t the ultimate jinx and it all falls apart tomorrow but if I could I would stop them growing and changing and keep them just as they are right now. Maybe its all this jubilant jubilee celebrating we are doing but I feel like I am definitely looking through rather British rose tinted glasses at my girls at the moment!

Bea, all three and three quarter years old of her, has suddenly emerged from toddlerhood into turned a lovely, fun little girl. She is happy and has no reason not to be, yes sure there are daily moans and the odd tear over something brilliantly inconsequential but to be honest, I seem to have managed to create a non tantrum throwing little girl who also listens when i ask her to and she is also learning to be quite considerate of her little sister who simply adores her.

Since our holiday, the have realised that they can actually communicate in their own way and enjoy each others company. Is there anything better than listening to your children play happily in their bedrooms? Sure they are creating total chaos up there but even I (the one who ends up tidying it all up) thinks its worth it!

She is so excited about going to big school in September and really seems so happy at her nursery school (SilverStar truly is an amazing place) the nervous clingy little thing i used to leave there has blossomed into this chatty crazy thing who i virtually have to hunt down just to get a kiss goodbye – perfect.

Freya has also found her feet. She is definitely not my baby anymore and although she still doesn’t have the best language skills in the world, she is so very expressive. We totally understand her and i know she understands everything we are saying to her. She can fight her own corner and is often a bit of a bully to her big sister but my goodness, she loves her sister too and is definitely the cheekiest little girl i know!

Last week the thee of us started walking to nursery instead of pushing freya in the pram. my heart totally melts every morning when we step outside and the girls immediately take each others hands to walk on the road. partly out of safety but mostly because they like it i think…. cute cute cute.

SO, can i pause them please? I have a feeling in a month or so’s time they will have moved on… Bea will be back at the bottom of the ladder starting big school and getting all nervous and Freya, being left with boring old me once the holidays are done will, no doubt, be showing her displeasure at being dragged round supermarkets and not played with.  For this lovely hedonistic moment in my life…. everybody is happy and it feels so so good.

When would you pause yours?

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