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When you come from somewhere else, you always notice the differences between where you come from, and where you are now.  One of the biggest things I noticed when I moved to Jersey from Australia (and Singapore) was that when the sun comes out in Jersey, so do the people.  Not to mention the tops come off, of both men and convertibles!

When the sun comes out (or even just high UV Index days), we ‘Slip, Slop Slap’ and head for the nearest tree for a picnic in the shade.  I’m not a beach goer at all, despite having beaches surrounding me here, and also back home.  Yes, call me crazy, I don’t mind.

I was cleaning my car out this weekend listening to BBC Jersey where they were interviewing a couple of girls about The Donna Annand Melanoma Charity.  Honestly, my ears pricked up when I heard an Australian talking on the radio, but not only that, the story behind this charity hit a spot with me.

Donna Annand passed away in February 2011 at the age of 29 after a long battle against stage IV Malignant Melanoma. That is the age my Sister is now.  Donna’s Sister was speaking on the radio about Donnas story and her wish to help bring to the forefront that prevention, protection and early detection and treatment of melanoma is of the upmost importance to the people of Jersey.  She was so brave talking about her Sister which I totally admired.  I’m only on the other side of the world to my Sister and being away from her sends me into a state of total blubbery, I can only imagine what it would be like to not have her around at all.

Being safe in the sun is something that has been drilled into me since I was a child – the motto in schools ‘no hat, no play’,  and so is having your moles checked by your doctor.  A mole is not just a little furry critter that makes mounds on your lawn!

The Donna Annand Melanoma Charity (DAMC) are running free Mole Clinics.  The first one being this Sunday 12th August at Le Braye in St Ouen Bay.  Dr Muhlemann and his team from the dermatology department as well as some other local Doctors will be there from 10am to 3pm to examine your moles and lesions and to offer advice and reassurance.

There will be subsequent mole clinics being run by DAMC on 26th September, 24th October, and 28th November at Island Medical Centre in Gloucester Street from 6 – 8pm.  Again, all free and with no appointment necessary.  Just drop in.  Perhaps follow the charity’s Facebook page to keep up to date.

So please, if you’d like to donate, volunteer, or if you’d like to have your wonky looking mole checked, please do not wait.  It could save your life.


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Katherine has a background in special education, early years childcare, and has a BA and MA in the creative and performing arts. She blogs at Creative Playhouse about her children’s activities and interests, including offering an Ecourse on Connecting Family through Creative Play, she also runs parent communities, is a designer and a work at home mum to Jake (3.5) and Poppy (15 months).

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