All we want for Christmas… 20+ fab ideas for busy mummies

So, the we have all been talking about our kids, what they want for Christmas, what we are going to (afford) to get them and well, we know no matter what, their stockings will be stuffed pretty full this christmas but hey… what about us?! 

If you, like me, LOVE christmas but have a husband who well… as he will probably be reading this I will be gentle – he is time limited, idea ummm short and well, our budget pretty much goes on the kids too, sound familiar? 

So, to aid him in his apparently difficult task (I am sure I am actually very easy to buy for and happy to recieve anything!) as a blogger I thought I would basically write and publish my Christmas list for all to see and hopefully it will help you with some ideas for your own mums / grannies and of course, its easy to leave this page very visible for your husband to read and he might, just might get some ideas for your gifts too! 

Here are my top presents for busy mummies (READ THIS ED!)

Treat me

Ask any mum and I am pretty sure that one of the items at the top of her list involves indulgence of some time. Whether its homemade (which is easy husbands out there just look here!) or something like this luxury, I would love something lovely to take into the shower. A beautiful body scrub/ exfoliator and moisturiser or a new nail varnish or super lovely perfume would be lovely too. 

Importantly though all of these need to also come with the ultimate gift for me which is probably time – the promise of at least 30 minutes off one day to enjoy my new pressies – time by myself to do something just for me – a real gift!

Feed me

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Here in Jersey, there is a Leonidas Belgium chocolate shop in the market in town whose white chocolate manon blanc chocolates are a real childhood memory for me as my dad always bought them for my mum at Christmas. I dream about how yummy they are (BIG HINT) to be honest though, it can be posh or cheap chocolate, I am not fussy! As a real foodie, I also love the idea of being given the gift of going on a cooking course, getting a new cookery book or a new gadget for baking.

Clothe me

I really find it quite romantic when my husband buys me clothes – it doesn’t happen often and when it does it means he has genuinely had to take more than a moment to think about me and what he thinks I would like. It can be a new hoody to wear every day, it could be a pretty dress to wear for special occasion or just a pretty top that he likes and hopes I like too – We mums don’t have much time to shop for ourselves so its great to be given something and not have to find it ourselves. If you are my husband you will probably also see this as a very practical present – everyone needs clothes! Please note… no links on this bit, if my husband is reading this, he has to choose for himself not cheat!!

Relax me

If you are on  a budget, write a book of vouchers for some promised treats at home – a massage, foot rub, breakfast in bed or something more akin to the services of Mr Grey if thats what you like! OR you could really treat us and buy us a professional back massage / pedicure / manicure. My mum often treats my sister and I to a day at an amazing spa over here as a birthday and Christmas treat and it is eagerly anticipated now! I love my day of doing nothing and having undivided attention from the lovely therapists.

Make me pretty

Jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is nice to get some baubles that aren’t for the tree!  Of course I look forward to our lottery winning days when I get sparkly jewellery waiting for me under the tree but there are so many other bits of jewellery that can be lovely to receive and they don’t break the bank. My two favourite pieces of jewellery are a gorgeous necklace with my children’s names on like this and a finger print necklace from their little baby fingerprints that a friend of mine made using a shell to mould the silver, its very special as its handmade for me but this is similar. They are so special because they remind me of my girls. 

Remind me

I have often given other members of my family handmade gifts with the girls handprints / photos on them but have never received a mug or a bowl myself and i think it would be a gorgeous present as not only would it have involved some prior planning to get the gift created but it will be a permanent reminder of my little ones when they are little. Jane James studio does lovely things here in Jersey that kids can paint or I have also seen that talented local artist Edward Blampied will do one of his brilliant caricatures of your kids or whole family which would be a really fun addition to the kitchen wall. 

I simply love everything that you can get on Not on the High Street, they showcase some fabulous individual artists and craft makers. I especially love some of the wall art that you can have personalised too. If you are on a real budget, why not print some favourite photos and frame them yourself?

Inspire me

What are you into? I love baking and craft at the moment so would love a subscription to a magazine like Country Living – a monthly gift on my doorstep to inspire me to further fill the house with homemade stuff (my dream, my husbands nightmare!) Or maybe there is a crafting course out there I could go on? 

Yes, Christmas is more about the giving but well…. its nice if its a little bit about the getting too – hope Santa brings you something lovely too!

Love Mum on the Rock

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