Make TIME for Christmas time….

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If you, like me, have spent the last few weeks scouring the shops, spending money you don’t really have and trying hard to find the perfect present for each of your loved ones – you will be pleased to know; its nearly here, there are only a handful of sleeps until Christmas!

But, if you like me had tears in your eyes and tears rolling down your cheeks as you read the news pages and the facebook viral posts flashing up on your screen yesterday after the terrible shootings in America you might also be wondering just how someone could create such chaos and hurt in such a short time.

Time… we so rarely appreciate it, we watch it race by as our children get another week / month / year older and we soldier on trying to be the best parent that we can be. The best parent… for some that means balancing the mighty task of going out to work every day and run your family and your house, for others that means surrendering your independence and staying at home to try to bring your children up yourself – whatever kind of parent you are, it all takes time, time you never feel that you have enough of but just stop for one second of that time and try to imagine HOW the parents of the children who were killed feel now that the clocks of their childrens lives have been stopped forever. The thought of it makes me feel physically sick.

SO as we read our favourite blogs each day, check our face book news feeds, pin amazing crafts to our Pinterest boards that we want to do (or just hope to do one fine day) I think for once, instead of adding to your list of things to do with your time, for once I am going to ask you to try not to make something pretty. Please don’t to get your glitter glue out or find another use for your salt dough. I simply ask you to make some time for Christmas time.

Of course, time spent doing a lovely craft is indeed precious but do you know what, I don’t think its as good as simply chatting / reading a book / cuddling and giggling with your little one. Stop checking your phone, goodness, could you even completely turn it off for 30 minutes? (I really would find that hard!)

Stop the rushing around, stop trying to fill every moment of your kids holiday with a glitter filled creativity – just BE.

We met a fabulous Santa in a shopping centre yesterday with my girls and after asking the usual questions about what the girls wanted for Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised as he started telling Bea what she could give this Christmas. Gently he explained that Christmas was about giving as well as getting. Wonderfully, he also went on to explain to her that sometimes the best thing you can give is some time – help mummy tidy up, play with your sister, simply being kind and helpful is a gift in itself. What a lovely sentiment all sealed off with some sweets!

Normal service will resume this week – I have some yummy easy bakes for you to try with your kids but for now – stop your clocks, forget about rushing and just love each other and enjoy every precious moment of your family time.

Much love

Mum on the Rock x

Post Author: Sarah Thorogood

4 thoughts on “Make TIME for Christmas time….

    small + friendly

    (December 17, 2012 - 10:23 pm)

    What a beautiful post. Thank you.

    Natalie Scheepers

    (December 17, 2012 - 10:56 pm)

    So true. Happy Christmas to you and yours Sarah.

    Sarah Thorogood

    (December 18, 2012 - 7:37 pm)

    Thank you both for taking the time to comment 🙂

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