10 books about spring sights

This week, I thought I’d put together a collection of non-fiction books that we have enjoyed recently about spring animals and plants. This post contains affiliate links in case you need help to find one of the books mentioned.

Migration, mating, and nesting habits of robins at a kid level. Beautiful illustrations too.

From seed to seed dispersal.

 Blackbirds, with emphasis on their eggs. A great one for smaller kids.


Some truly spectacular photos of cherry blossoms on the trees in Washington, DC.

A great book about the life cycle of frogs.


A kid-level book about rain.


Tulips from bulb to flower.


We have garter snakes all over the place here, sunning themselves on paths and rocks.

(We’re a little tulip-obsessed!)


Ever wanted to know more about ferns as they open in your garden and the forest? Here you go.

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