The Aim of “Crafting” At Our House

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From Moments a Day:

Why to do crafts with kids

Have you ever been browsing Pinterest kid crafts and thought, “Wow these are some awesome ideas and I bet my kids would have a lot of fun doing them, but there is NO WAY I would try that at home.” I used to feel this way all the time and was beginning to wonder why our crafts didn’t quite look up to scratch. That is why I have put together 3 practical rules for my family that I can focus on when sharing craft time with my kids. We may not do many truly Pinterest-worthy crafts, but we have fun, I enjoy the simplicity of the activities, and we craft our own specific purpose in mind. Come read the rules for “crafting” in my home – and if you aren’t a mama that enjoys tubs of glue and glitter, you will be assured that you are not alone.

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