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From Thread and Ladle:

this BoyI have gotten good at the polite nod as other mothers tell me what has worked for them when trying to get their children to sleep, eat, have just a teeny bit of their own space. Put his food through the food mill, give it to him in ice cube trays, try x, y or z food. Pat him on the back and tell him it’s time to sleep, read him 6 books, give him a massage, let him cry for 15 minutes- he’ll fall asleep. It just isn’t polite to shoot every suggestion down with a “TRIED THAT. Tried that. tried. that.” So we politely nod, and later when I ask my husband, “What am I doing wrong?” He tells me, Nothing, they don’t have Otto- they just aren’t Otto’s mom….

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Katherine has a background in special education, early years childcare, and has a BA and MA in the creative and performing arts. She blogs at Creative Playhouse about her children’s activities and interests, including offering an Ecourse on Connecting Family through Creative Play, she also runs parent communities, is a designer and a work at home mum to Jake (3.5) and Poppy (15 months).

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