The Appeal Of Montessori Elementary Learning

Education has a very strong influence on the kind of life children will end up leading when they grow up. Because of this, where to send their little ones to school is one of the most important decisions parents can make. Many parents have the desire to have their children educated in a good school […]

The Aim of “Crafting” At Our House

This article has been shared through our submissions page, where you can share your own features too. From Moments a Day: Have you ever been browsing Pinterest kid crafts and thought, “Wow these are some awesome ideas and I bet my kids would have a lot of fun doing them, but there is NO WAY I would […]

The easiest last-minute Mother’s Day craft ever!

Sunday is Mother’s Day and you may need a last minute craft. Here you go – and best of all it uses up any paper scraps you have lying around! You need: cardstock, paper/foam/felt scraps, scissors, glue and a marker or crayon. Hand over the creative reins along with all your craft scraps and let […]

10 books about spring sights

This week, I thought I’d put together a collection of non-fiction books that we have enjoyed recently about spring animals and plants. This post contains affiliate links in case you need help to find one of the books mentioned. Migration, mating, and nesting habits of robins at a kid level. Beautiful illustrations too. From seed […]

Dragons for St. George’s Day!

In honour of St. George’s Day, I’ve gathered a collection of great Dragon-themed activities and crafts for you. In no particular order, here they are: Learn how to draw a dragon  at Activity Village Make a paper plate dragon at Cool Kids Craft Ideas Print and make this fun dragon paper puppet I show you […]

Sight Word Mat Freebie

I have a free printable sight word mat for you today that I came up with while working on spelling words with my sidekick. I kept it very simple so that you can use it in different ways. I would suggest laminating it, or putting it into a page protector, so that you don’t have […]

Make a simple origami tulip!

I saw these beautiful origami tulips on a while back and they are so pretty and easy to do that I want to show you here how to make them with your children. You’ll need: -a flower-coloured square of paper -a green square of paper for your stem (Origami paper is best because it’s […]