Great Party Ideas for Tweens

I’ve recently entered new territory… birthday parties for 12 year old girls!  Over the years we’ve done many different kinds of parties, from discos in youth centres to pizza making in an Italian restaurant, garden parties, bouncy castles and beach parties with sandcastle competitions.  All have been great fun; some more expensive (and noisy!) than […]

Pink Lemonade Slush

When I was a child I remember being offered ice cream to soothe my sore throat.  As an adult, I’m aware that dairy products can increase mucus production which will only make snotty noses and sore throats worse.Making your own sorbet or slush at home is a healthy alternative to ice cream and guaranteed to […]

How to feed your kids well: A survival guide for dads

Single dad?  Stay-at-home-dad?  Granddad?  Mum-works-long-shifts-dad?  Step-dad? Whatever kind of daddy you are, one thing is true:  You want the best for your kids.  If you’re a mummy reading this, please pass it on to a daddy you feel needs a little inspiration.It’s a sad fact that many dads don’t see their kids much, not just […]

Take the one week no-shop challenge!

Happy New Year and welcome if you’re a new reader to Mummyology! Today’s blog will inspire you to cook from scratch, using up the dry ingredients in your cupboards and odd bits of leftovers to give you a week of healthy eating for very little money.   The bonus – you’ll probably lose weight too! […]