The Appeal Of Montessori Elementary Learning

Education has a very strong influence on the kind of life children will end up leading when they grow up. Because of this, where to send their little ones to school is one of the most important decisions parents can make. Many parents have the desire to have their children educated in a good school […]

Sight Word Mat Freebie

I have a free printable sight word mat for you today that I came up with while working on spelling words with my sidekick. I kept it very simple so that you can use it in different ways. I would suggest laminating it, or putting it into a page protector, so that you don’t have […]

My top 10 apps for kids

I hate the thought of my children being addicted to computer games, turning into those grunting types who have evolved bigger thumbs because they spend so long attached to their playstationDS or whatever its called…BUT I LOVE the thought of my kids growing up IT savvy and being able use and enjoy the latest technology […]

The Last Minute Mummy

Sometimes i am super organised, a lot of the time i’m not!┬áSometimes you need to just rustle up a quick game to keep someone entertained for five minutes or magic a craft out of thin air to keep some visiting friends from trashing your house. I find i have quite a few last minute moments […]