The Aim of “Crafting” At Our House

This article has been shared through our submissions page, where you can share your own features too. From Moments a Day: Have you ever been browsing Pinterest kid crafts and thought, “Wow these are some awesome ideas and I bet my kids would have a lot of fun doing them, but there is NO WAY I would […]

Make a simple origami tulip!

I saw these beautiful origami tulips on a while back and they are so pretty and easy to do that I want to show you here how to make them with your children. You’ll need: -a flower-coloured square of paper -a green square of paper for your stem (Origami paper is best because it’s […]

Paper egg ornaments for Easter

This craft has been around since I was a kid, and comes out for almost every holiday in different forms. However, it’s a classic for a reason, so today I’d like to show you how to make this fun paper ornament craft that we did for Easter. Trace and cut a LOT of Easter egg […]