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As you may know if you have read any of my past blogs on Mums in Jersey; we are have a big princess fan in our house and it is something that I endure rather than enjoy really! I am just not a princes kind of girl, they are magical for sure but i am not sure they offer much in the way of role model for a little girl! Fairies however, I think are rather wonderful! They have a bit more substance to them… they are beautiful yes but they also all seem to have different talents and happen to be rather wonderful to daydream about… If I were a fairy what kind of fairy would I be? 

Enter the gorgeous Tinkerbell movies – as a chance to chill out in the day whilst Freya is asleep, Bea always has a sit down even if it’s for half an hour watching a bit of tv. I wouldn’t want her watching hours of TV every day but i am also keen for her to remain a cheery nice little soul and not get overtired so if you ask me, it doesn’t hurt a bit!

A cousin of mine (with an older daughter) mentioned to me how lovely The great fairy rescue was and so, as a fairy fan, I went onto good old amazon and got the box set for Beas last birthday and I have to admit, I find it rather hard not to sit and watch the movies with her, they are gorgeous.

The first of said trilogy has now become a family favourite and its amazing how it has inspired Bea to dream up her own inventions just like Tinkerbell does in the movies. In the film, the talented tink saves the day and invents all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to make sure spring arrives on time…. Paint squirters for butterfly wings, lady bird spot painters etc – all so so cute. 

So as the recent warm weather has indeed been waking up the natural world and bringing the flowers out to our garden, we have been doing a lot of imagination games. My lovely Bea and her cousin and best buddy Ameya truly believe that Tinkerbell and her friends are busy flying around doing their work whilst we are asleep (I love lending a helping hand to these magical stories!) 

Now that the holidays are here, we have finally had the time to make an passing fairies welcome if they needed to rest at our house too…. A while ago, Bea was given a fairy door like these (what a lovely gift!) This little door magically seems to appear all over our house and garden as Bea uses it to help the fairies come in and out of our house. 

The inner child in me would love to have a ramble in the woods to collect the bits and bobs we need to build a fairy house like this one, for now we have been having fun finally finding a use for the empty cereal and beer boxes I have been keeping! We had great fun raiding the craft box for some of the autumnal bits and bobs we had kept and we went for a little walk round the lanes to pick up some moss and dried leaves which was a great afternoon in the shade activity in itself! Then of course the painting and glueing – which we did as a Freya free activity (she is still in the squash it and trash it phase!)

All the girls have really enjoyed this little project and their imaginations have been running wild – my niece, who has her own fairy house at home next to her bed, even has to write fairies a little note to leave by their door each night (my sister is enjoying / enduring writing the teeny tiny replies!)

Not wanting to leave anyone out, i was even called to the garden this morning and asked to build a door to a little fairy kitty house Bea had made! 

Get out there and let your kids find some magic in their garden / the beach or a park near you – there is no end to the places a fairy will fly!

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